An attractive, bustling coastal town between Fishguard and Cardigan on the A487 road, Newport boasts both a Norman Castle and Church, which stand proudly above this small medieval town on the slopes of Carn Ingli mountain. Ancient streets and pathways lead directly to the river Nevern (Nyfer) Estuary which is teeming with wildlife.

Uniquely situated at the edge of the enchanting Preseli Hills, Newport is an ideal centre for touring the many ancient Celtic monuments to be found in this Welsh-speaking area of the National Park.  The Welsh name, Trefdraeth, can be translated as 'town by the beach' - a long, golden stretch of sand protected by craggy headlands. Ideal for swimming, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing, other activities to be enjoyed here are golf, tennis, horse-riding, cycling, fishing and birdwatching.  The town has a variety of shops, a weekly market selling local produce together with numerous pubs and restaurants which provide extensive menus, including locally caught sewin, lobster and crab.  Accommodation is varied and plentiful.

Visitors return time and time again to this picturesque little town to enjoy the peace and tranquility of its ancient, winding lanes, the exhilaration of superb coastal views and the warmth and hospitality of its residents.



Newport Town Council 

Newport Ward

Notice of Casual Vacancy 

1.There is 1 vacancy for the office of -

    Councillor of Newport Ward

    On Newport Town Council 


2. Any TEN local government electors for the Newport ward of Newport Town Council 

may, within fourteen days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays) of the date of this notice,

make a written request to the -:

Returning Officer 

Pembrokeshire County Council 

Electoral Services

2 Cherry Grove



SA61 1NZ

To hold an election to fill the vacancy. 


3. If no request for an election is requested within the period stated above

Newport Town Council will fill the vacancy by co-option. 


Dated 9/1/18



                                       Skate Park Closed Until Further Notice

Following an inspection by Pembrokeshire County Council which highlighted various faults with the equipment, Newport Playing Field Trustees have decided to close the Skate Park until further notice.

Neither the Newport Playing Field trustees nor their insurers will be responsible for any accidents that may happen on the skatepark site.


Yn dilyn arolygiad gan Cyngor Sir Benfro a wnaeth amlygu nifer  o  ddiffygion  gyda’r  

offer, mae Ymddiriedolwyr Maes Chwarae Trefdraeth wedi penderfynnu cae’r Parc Sglefrio nes y clywir yn wahanol.

Ni fydd Ymddiredolwyr Maes Chwarae Trefdraeth na’u yswirwyr yn gyfrifol am unrhyw ddamweiniau a all ddigwydd ar safle’r Parc Sglefrio. 




Poster for 10 Jan 17 meeting 20180105 08440684 copy


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Newport Town Council A487 meeting with Traffic Agency

After many years of frustrated attempts to get action from the South Wales Traffic Road Agency to deal with the dangers on the A487 through Newport and Nevern, Newport Town Council invited representatives of the Traffic Agency, the Welsh Government and Dyfed Powys Police to answer questions. On the 16th October the meeting was attended by Town Councillors from Newport and Nevern, Pembrokeshire's AM Mr Paul Davies, members of Newport Community Forum and members of the public.

Nevern councillors were first to point out that, since rebuilding the bridge into Felindre Farchog, which had acted as a natural speed restraint, cars were now driving at excessive speeds round the bends in the hamlet and residents anticipated a serious accident. There has been over 7 years of correspondence about this and there is still no concrete proposal.

Mr Mark Emmet from the Welsh Government said a speed survey had shown that average speeds were below the 40mph limit. When he was asked about the possibility of installing a speed activated sign, he pointed out that it would not be cost effective and that the Welsh Government is against a proliferation of such signs. Cllr. Ron Rees requested that such a sign be installed for a few months' trial. Sgt. Williams from Dyfed Powys police said he would talk with the Road Safety Traffic Partnership and arrange a site meeting.

At this point Cllr. Paul Harries said that there has been a problem of communication with the Welsh Government regarding these issues and requested that this feedback be taken back to them. He then raised the longstanding issue of a pedestrian/cyclist path from Llwyngwair Manor into Newport. At present there is only a narrow grass verge alongside the fast traffic on the A487. He said that for many years this issue had been outstanding, there had been a lack of productive communication and stressed that this was a matter of urgency. Huw Griffin (South Wales Traffic Road Agency) said the delay had been caused by the transfer of information when SWTRA took over in 2012.

There were further issues raised concerning Newport, including the lack of a footpath on the Fishguard side, dangerous stretches and blind spots on the A487 in the Fishguard direction.
Within the centre of Newport the dangerously narrow pavements outside homes and shops has long been a cause for concern in the community. One business owner told how wing mirrors extend over the pavement and pedestrians had been hit. Customers in her shop were shocked by the potential for a serious accident. A resident described opening her front door to be faced by a passing lorry inches away. Cllr Harries pointed out in order to push a buggy through the town you would have to cross the A487 several times in order to avoid these hazards. Mark Emmet from the Welsh Government responded that the pavements should be widened and investigation needed to be started sooner rather than later.

On a positive note Councillor Harries praised the the Trunk Road Agency for its recent resurfacing work which had been appreciated by the community.
A member of Newport Forum then expressed his concern that there had been no significant assurances that the issues raised would be addressed in the foreseeable future.

Paul Davies AM also expressed his frustration that he is unable to make direct contact with the Trunk Road Agency and he will continue to raise this matter with the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport, whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Winding up Cllr Paul Harries thanked the representatives for coming to the meeting and reiterated the need for the Welsh Government to communicate better with local communities. This meeting was a step in the right direction. 



On Sunday the 20th December the 'Flood Prevention Team' of the *'Old GITS Club'* valiantly braved life and limb to clear the blocked culvert at the Cwm.
Due to this blockage hundreds of residents and holiday makers had to take their life in their hands wading through the torrent of water which was cascading over the costal path at the Cwm.  Risking being swept of the path into the raging seas.
Our gallant heros, foresaking all risk to life and limb, bravely waded into the torrent to clear the blockage.  It was feared that the pressure of water would wash away the structure, which the National Park Authority had only this year replaced, at any moment taking our intrepid stalwarts with it.  But, in front of the crowd which had gathered, they bravely struggled on and due to thier sterling efforts, the culvert was cleared and the public were once more able to safely cross the Cwm.

Gits Flood Prevent r

The Old GITS Flood Prevention Team.

** Contrary to popular belief, 'GITS' is not a derogatry term but in this instance refers to
the Gentlemens Imbubative Transcendental Spirantation Club